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Search Engine Friendly? Announcing Our eBook ‘Fast, Friendly, Findable’!

Detail of the cover artwork for Strategic Insights eBook 'Fast, Friendly, Findable'
Published March 20, 2015 by Jenn Soloway Comments: 1

Ever sit in on meetings with your web agency and just nod along as they yammered on and on about things like markup, visibility or standards? You’re not alone. In fact, I’m sure our clients would admit to that in the meetings they sat in with us. We can’t help it. You’re excited about getting your brand out there…Keep Reading »

Infographic: Ideal Website Team Communication

Published March 27, 2019 by Jenn Soloway Comments: 0
Infographic: Ideal Website Team Communication

Fact is, there are many professionals that work together to design, build, update and market your website. This could include any combination of a web agency, marketing department or agency, SEO team, bloggers, and employees. How should your “website team” communicate so that everything works—and looks—as it should? Lucky for you, we created this handy infographic…Keep Reading »