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Bill Cokas

Creative Director

You can’t bore someone into buying your product.

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b. Washington, D.C. Followed grandma’s roots and ended up at UNC. Followed job offer to Chicago. After Tony Bennett put his words to music in a radio jingle, decided work there was done.

Returned to NC to build big brands for small companies–and because it was closer to Key West, ground zero for Parrotheads. Returned to UNC to teach big ideas to tomorrow’s underpaid ad hopefuls.

Distinctly recalls being influenced by ad icon-wannabes like Goofy Grape and the walking, talking Koogle jar, which advertised products that were parity and disgusting, respectively. Abhors irrelevant celebrity spokespeople and contrived cross-promotions. Currently admires the strategy and tagline (but not so much the executions) of Expedia’s “Travel Yourself Interesting” campaign.

Since social media has spawned countless self-proclaimed “experts” on every subject under the sun, Bill would like to stake his claim on the following:

  • Jimmy Buffett: Crowned Raleigh’s Biggest Parrothead by Raleigh News & Observer.
  • Frank Sinatra: Ever since high school, where it did little to build his popularity.
  • Vintage Popeye cartoons: Black and white, hand-drawn, pre-War…nothing funnier.
  • Microbrews & Homebrewing: Has actual samples in office, of indeterminate age.
  • Newspaper Comics: In general, Peanuts in particular.

Posts Written by Bill Cokas:

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Local Cloud Marketing firm relies on Strategic Insights for website, lead gen and social media results

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What’s Your Vibrant Brand Personality?

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All We Had to Do Was Ask.

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