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Jenn Soloway

Senior Art Director

Your brand defines your business to the world. Ignoring the brand doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it just means you're letting everyone else decide who you are and what you're about.

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b. Springfield, Mass., grew up in Monson, Mass. noted for having more cows than people and exactly zero stoplights. Received Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Endicott College, also in Mass., but with fewer cows and more stoplights. Fearing stimulation overload, left Mass. for Raleigh and joined the working world as a web designer. Resident WordPress whiz.

Fondly recalls Oscar Mayer Wiener spots from youth, mainly for daring to use the word “wiener” on television. These days, you may find her “humming” along to the Prius advertisements, which immediately put her in a good mood with their easy-going soundtrack and cheerful imagery. Believes rampant pharma advertising has turned medicine into a commodity and undermines doctors’ credibility. Although…there may be a pill for that.

An avid Tweeter, you might find Jenn having her 140-character say on such subjects as:

  • The Beatles: There is some dispute as to who the true office expert is.
  • Friends: “The One That Jenn Quotes All the Time.”
  • Wine Tasting: Her degree included a class in it, after all.
  • Muscle Stretching: Go ahead–give her a muscle, she’ll give you a stretch for it.
  • Six Degrees of The Pizza Delivery Guy: This arcane talent involves watching a movie and listing off other movies a nameless/background character has been in.

Posts Written by Jenn Soloway:

Never. Stop. Learning.

Never. Stop. Learning.

That’s my motto. I feel that we can never stop learning, in terms of as a society, and of course in terms of design, programming, and web development. Chris is even quoted ’round here as saying: “Long gone are the days of the set-it-and-forget-it mentality for your online presence.  Your web identity is a living,…Keep Reading »

Is Good Design the Same as No Design?

Is Good Design the Same as No Design?

There’s a debate brewing lately over the concept of removing design from the web altogether. With increased options for consuming content, the focus has turned from making sure every pixel of the design is consistent across the available media to making sure the overall experience is consistent. For some, the answer seems to lie in…Keep Reading »

It Looks Great, But is it Usable?

It Looks Great, But is it Usable?

There’s no denying, this LED clock design is definitely slick looking But, is the basic function of the clock—you know, to tell time—actually lost in the design? Can you tell what time it is at least as well, or preferably better, than a traditional clock? Or, do you have to think harder to get there?…Keep Reading »

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