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Scott Evans

Inbound Marketing Director

Keep it simple. If you try to make too many points, you risk making none at all.

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b. Galion, Ohio. Known for its “Galion” road graders spotted around the world and the “Galion Next Exit” sign on Interstate 71.

rb. (reborn) Columbus, Ohio—home of THE Ohio State University and Ohio Stadium aka “The “Shoe, where the Men of Scarlet and Grey rule the football universe throughout the autumn.

Upon graduating from tOSU, moved south to Raleigh, NC, because of a developed allergy to winter weather.

Scott is a part-time vegan (see the documentary “What the Health?” on Netflix and you’ll know why), enjoys a life-long love affair with sports and fitness, and really DIGS music, from Springsteen to the Beatles, with healthy doses of Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, Billy Joel and Led Zeppelin tossed in.

In the interest of keeping it simple, we’ll stop now.

One of Scott’s favorite phrases is “to make a long story short.” Here are four stories-in-the-making reduced down to a single bullet point each:

  • Ohio State Football: ask him anything.
  • Bruce Springsteen: ask him anything.
  • Weightlifting: Can identify an amazing number of ways to injure oneself in the gym.
  • Snow: A native of northern Ohio, Scott can: drive sideways on a snowy street—on purpose; explain to southerners exactly how snow becomes yellow and the benefits of not eating it; and why it’s not a good idea to throw snowballs at police cruisers as they pass by (that a blast from my formative years!)

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