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S.I. goes coastal, hires new biz-dev director

S.I. goes coastal, hires new biz-dev director
Published August 28, 2015 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0
John Rowley, Strategic Insights "Agency Zeitgeist"

John Rowley, Strategic Insights “Agency Zeitgeist”

John Rowley has joined Strategic Insights Brand Marketing as Director of Business Development and “Agency Zeitgeist.” John explains the latter title as an indication that “he knows where the agency’s head is at” and can use that knowledge to tap into the wants and needs of prospective clients struggling to find both their audience and their voice.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, John is a lifelong learner and mediaphile. Since his days on the campus of Rowan University, his background has included memorable and notable stints with the Philadelphia Eagles, Alloy Media + Marketing, Comgroup MRA in Atlanta, global marketing group GMR in New York City and software sales. Early in his career with Business 2.0, he was responsible for the most successful business magazine launch in publishing history.

Currently a resident of Wilmington, NC, John will run Strategic Insights “coastal” office but is available for meetings anywhere and calls anytime. Contact S.I. headquarters (919-562-0666) to be put in touch with John directly.


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