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Search Engine Friendly? Announcing Our eBook ‘Fast, Friendly, Findable’!

Detail of the cover artwork for Strategic Insights eBook 'Fast, Friendly, Findable'
Published March 20, 2015 by Jenn Soloway Comments: 1

Ever sit in on meetings with your web agency and just nod along as they yammered on and on about things like markup, visibility or standards? You’re not alone. In fact, I’m sure our clients would admit to that in the meetings they sat in with us. We can’t help it. You’re excited about getting your brand out there…Keep Reading »

Strategic Insights “finds its future” in textbook design.

Published August 11, 2017 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0

Bright Futures Press, through its founder Diane Lindsey Reeves, has had a long relationship with Strategic Insights and recently enlisted the agency to help her prepare an extensive series of textbooks for elementary and middle-grade readers. The objective of Bright Futures books is to help “prime the pump” with early career exploration experiences that get…Keep Reading »

North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry Drill Deep, Fills Hole with Strategic Insights

Published June 20, 2017 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0

In a bit of a belated announcement, Strategic Insights Brand Marketing is handling the graphic design, collateral and email marketing for the North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry, and has been since 2015. Founded in 1951, the Academy of General Dentistry has 37,000 members from the United States and Canada. Among the Academy’s many goals are offering…Keep Reading »

I can describe that service in one word!

Published June 7, 2017 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0

How ridiculous was the show “Name That Tune?” They played songs with a house orchestra, or worse, a lone piano. Your success on that show was entirely dependent on your encyclopedic knowledge of twentieth-century sheet music. All that aside, sometimes it IS possible to distill a value proposition down to a single word. In the…Keep Reading »

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