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Search Engine Friendly? Announcing Our eBook ‘Fast, Friendly, Findable’!

Detail of the cover artwork for Strategic Insights eBook 'Fast, Friendly, Findable'
Published March 20, 2015 by Jenn Soloway Comments: 1

Ever sit in on meetings with your web agency and just nod along as they yammered on and on about things like markup, visibility or standards? You’re not alone. In fact, I’m sure our clients would admit to that in the meetings they sat in with us. We can’t help it. You’re excited about getting your brand out there…Keep Reading »

Strategic Insights Website Honored with Davey Award

Published November 12, 2007 by wevegotideas Comments: 0
Strategic Insights Website Honored with Davey Award

Chosen from thousands of entries, Strategic Insights new website, unveiled eariler this year, has been honored with a 2007 silver Davey Award. Overseen by the International Academy of Visual Arts (IAVA), The Davey Awards are an international advertising competition that honors the achievements off smaller agencies with bigger ideas – precisely the positioning Strategic Insights…Keep Reading »

Salesforce.com: Breathing Life—and Membership—into a Stagnant Partner Program

Published November 3, 2007 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0
image of the front of the first Partner Program postcard

The Challenge: Salesforce.com’s partner program, designed to provide members with training materials, useful info and enhanced sales commissions, was languishing in the absence of focused support and promotion. The Solution: Using an integrated online/offline campaign, we packaged the program as a “right turn.” Trying to keep the message simple and direct, we targeted prospects with…Keep Reading »

Cisco: How a Web-Based Marketing Solution Gave Birth to a Whole New Company

Published September 1, 2007 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0
Logo for Sharedvue

The Challenge: Cisco contacted us to help them develop a solution to help their channel partners market Cisco products more consistently and effectively online. While the lifeblood of the Cisco business model, partners’ sales were suffering, and as a result, so were Cisco’s. The Solution: We built a web-based marketing solution, known as SharedVue, that…Keep Reading »

Ya’ll Play Pretty

Published November 13, 2006 by wevegotideas Comments: 0
Ya’ll Play Pretty

Some good advice for our new Congressional leaders comes from something I used to hear regularly while growing up in a small North Carolina town. The expression was, “Ya’ll play pretty now.” This admonishment was always delivered by a mother, grandmother or female in the household. I usually heard this on my way out the…Keep Reading »

RapidXchange: Taking on the Market Leader with a Meaningful Point of Difference

Published May 24, 2006 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0
Rendering of Inspector Q - an original brand mascot for RapidXchange who features coveralls and carries a magnifying glass.

The Challenge: Parker Gas, a NC-based propane company, wanted to raise awareness of its established RapidXchange propane tank exchange service, every bit as good as—and in many ways no different than—market leader Blue Rhino. The Solution: We uncovered real drama in RapidXchange’s “12-Step Quality Inspection Process” and created an original brand mascot to personify this…Keep Reading »

Builders Mutual: Forging a Vibrant Brand Relevant and Ready to Enter the Marketplace

Published September 18, 2005 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0
Logo for Builders Mutual worker's comp product brand WorkSafe

The Challenge: Builders Mutual, an insurance company serving the homebuilding industry, was entering a crowded marketplace with low awareness and a parity product (workers’ compensation). The Solution: Turn a limitation into a strength. Because of Builders Mutual’s exclusive focus on the homebuilding industry, we were able to position them as “the industry authority” using the line…Keep Reading »

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