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Who “gets” social media?

Who “gets” social media?
Published October 14, 2010 by Bill Cokas Comments: 3

Even as I type that headline, I heave a sigh. It’s such a tiring subject, but it still merits discussion. The answer? No one–at least not completely. It’s still evolving. The so-called “social media experts” aren’t truly experts; they just spend more time immersed in social media than the average marketer, and react faster. A few years ago, who would have thought a bunch of angry, opinionated consumers could put the brakes on right-minded Sun Chips enviro-friendly packaging? Or get a new Gap logo pulled (much as it deserved to be)? I’m all for conversation, but who’s in control? There are still businesses out there who think social media amounts to “playing around on Facebook.” Or know of another business that “tried it and failed.” (i.e. threw up a Facebook page in an hour, left it alone for six months and cried, “It didn’t bring me any new customers!”) Give an agency some credit–social media needs content, and social media is another extension of the brand. Who do you turn to for stuff like that?

Tom Martin sums it up nicely here.


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3 Responses to “Who “gets” social media?”

  1. Bill Cokas said:

    Good analogy–we’ve seen plenty of focus groups in our day, huh? And how often did we like the results?

  2. Jim said:

    Social Media is like a run-away focus group – one bad apple CAN ruin the whole basket. And don’t forget that a lot of social media is being “seeded” with phony users, too — advocates who are PAID to spread the good word to “friends” with the goal of having that “opinion” resent to friends of friends. But how do you fight it? Social Media is viral and spreads quickly – harken back to witch hunting and McCarthy-ism. It’s all just gossip at the fence – and the juicier the better! My 2¢. Pass it on!

  3. Tom Martin said:

    Thanks for the hat tip to the Ad Age post… you are correct, socme is an extension of brand in the most intimate manner… hope more agencies will read the post and maybe it will light a few fires to get our industry into the game before it is too late.