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An Ad Intern’s Perspective

An Ad Intern’s Perspective
Published August 2, 2008 by wevegotideas Comments: 0

Like any intern, I was nervous on my first day of work at Strategic Insights. Those butterflies could have been the fault of the unambiguous display of awards and recognitions that wallpaper the halls of our office, or perhaps I just needed to get use to the 6 foot propane superhero that stares at me from my desk. Either way it was certain I was in the presence of a very creative and unique group of individuals.

With characters like Propane Joe, Strategic Insights delivers more than just advertising savvy, they bring branding and personality to the clients they represent. In my first month I have been saturated with the concept that a brand is a promise, symbolic of everything that defines a company or a product.

In my most recent meeting with Dr. Haygood we discussed the value of a solid Brand Architecture and the long term importance of branding. Brands must have that consistent, identifiable image, establishing enough to keep consumers coming back to their products year after year.

Strategic Insights creates brand loyalty by conceptualizing their clients, connecting customers with a feeling and an instinct that occurs when a product is mentioned. Once this feeling of recognition is implanted our clients establish unbreakable relationships with their customers, directly resulting in growth and expansion of their companies. You can not extend a brand with an inconsistent personality.


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