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Giving is the New Taking

Giving is the New Taking
Published January 21, 2009 by Chris Griffin Comments: 2

Corporate Generosity may be a good way to win customers over.In the face of an economic crisis, giving away something for nothing may seem counter-productive.  But a little goodwill toward others may be just the antidote for a society fed up with corporate greed and a perception that, among corporate execs, share price is king and little else matters.

Trendwatching.com offers a brilliant article on how giving, sharing and generosity in general may be the best way to get close to your customers.

View the article here


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2 Responses to “Giving is the New Taking”

  1. Jennifer Hoy said:

    I can’t tell you how many full albums I have purchased just by sampling iTunes Free Song of the Week.

  2. Bill Cokas said:

    Gotta tell ya, Moe’s is higher in my mindset ever since they gave my whole family a free burrito each last week!