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Poll: How Do You Handle Different Social Circles w/Social Media?

Poll: How Do You Handle Different Social Circles w/Social Media?
Published February 4, 2010 by Jenn Soloway Comments: 0

With everyone from your mother to your boss to your middle school BFF being available on social media these days, it’s getting harder to keep your separate lives, well, separate. Not only is nearly everyone you know IRL (in real life) logging on to connect online as well, but there are several networks you – and they – can belong to. Before you know it, your company’s CEO and your high school sweetheart are tagging each other’s Facebook photo albums.

With transparency and open communication ruling the day, how much do we REALLY want to cross-network between our various social circles? The business side of social media sings the praises of finally connecting as individuals while still representing the companies we work for. Our personalities are recognized as having value inside these circles, and accounts who are run by ghost writers are looked at as being dishonest.

On the flip side, is actual value being created by sharing your weekend hobbies with the people you professionally associate with?

So, where do you draw the line? Take our poll, and please elaborate your thoughts in the comments:


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