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It Looks Great, But is it Usable?

It Looks Great, But is it Usable?
Published September 8, 2010 by Jenn Soloway Comments: 2

There’s no denying, this LED clock design is definitely slick looking


But, is the basic function of the clock—you know, to tell time—actually lost in the design? Can you tell what time it is at least as well, or preferably better, than a traditional clock? Or, do you have to think harder to get there? Good design is seamless, unnoticed, natural. It makes the information you are trying to get at all the more available without the audience even noticing that it’s being presented in a different way. Don’t make it harder for your audience to absorb the information you want/they need to get. Regardless of how flashy the design is, your audience will not stick around to figure out how to use it in order to get the information they are looking for. Beyond the initial ‘wow’ factor, a design that hinders usability will garner more negative attention (if any attention!) than positive reaction.


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2 Responses to “It Looks Great, But is it Usable?”

  1. essex website designers said:

    Wow, that’s something I would love to have just for the colours at night, I think making it wireless would be a major improvement though, that wire hanging down is a bit of a naff touch:)

  2. Joshua K Gibbs said:

    And just as important….will it blend?