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White House gets Social Media Overhaul

White House gets Social Media Overhaul
Published January 22, 2009 by jkgibbs Comments: 2

presidential-twitter-sealThere’s no stronger way to show the importance of Social Media in today’s Web 2.0 world than looking at it from the perspective of the President. And what does he think? Well, just minutes after Barack Obama was inaugurated, Macon Phillips (Director of Social Media at the White House) made this blog post outlining the new President’s approach to communicating to the masses.

What’s in store? First off, Whitehouse.gov has an all new Web 2.0 look, complete with frequent homepage blog snippet updates, intuitive site navigation/search, and site mapping. To help promote blog posts and stay even more in touch with online users, the White House has launched its own official Twitter. To date, the White House has just over 6,000 followers and has made over 200 tweets. However, it looks like whoever is in charge of managing the official Twitter is somewhat of a follow snob since it only gets updates from people like Joe Biden, Senator Chris Dodd, and the Governator himself – Arnold (who also seems to be more popular…go figure).

Obviously social media is here to stay and will probably play a large role in our new administration’s methods of communication to the public. So if the President can do it, so can you.

Does anyone know of any other Social Media tactics being implemented by the government or political officials? Slap ’em down in the comments.


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2 Responses to “White House gets Social Media Overhaul”

  1. Annabelle said:

    Just took a look at the before/after of Whitehouse.gov. Wow! What a difference. I definitely think President Obama and his administration are moving in the right direction by using the Internet to meet people where they are. Everyone, including President Obama’s opponents, will end up feeling a little more connected to this administration.

  2. Josh Gibbs said:

    Just found this:
    As a comparison, look at the 2001 White House website: