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Who’s afraid of Big Bad Social Media? Take our Poll.

Who’s afraid of Big Bad Social Media? Take our Poll.
Published November 13, 2009 by Chris Griffin Comments: 1

So the kids these days are all up in arms about their different social media channels.  It’s not uncommon to find individuals with accounts for BlogsTwitter, FaceBook, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. (Did I miss any of the biggies?)  But it’s a different story when it comes to businesses.  There’s a lot of buzz surrounding social channels and how they can help build communities followers, drive traffic and create leads, but many of the clients we talk to aren’t ready to take the plunge.  Some people feel they don’t have the personnel they would need to manage the account.  Some don’t understand what kind of content they need to push out.  Some have taken half-hearted stabs at using one or two flavors of social media, been discouraged with results that fell short of overinflated projections and condemned the entire category as ineffective.

Here at Strategic Insights, we feel that a Social Media campaign, when correctly organized and managed and used as a part of a larger ongoing marketing campaign, can be highly beneficial to an organization – generating interest and awareness, improving visibility and SEO for your corporate site, building a loyal community with ongoing dialogues and, yes, driving leads and making sales.

So why aren’t you using Social Media for your business or product?  Take our brief poll and see what others are thinking.  Or leave a comment below if you need more room to vent or rant or rebuke.


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One Response to “Who’s afraid of Big Bad Social Media? Take our Poll.”

  1. Marie Duncan said:

    I use Social Media personally, albeit with an air of caution due to privacy considerations (i.e., it can feel somewhat “Big Brother-y” for everyone to know what I’m doing all the time). Having said that, the medium is here to stay so businesses should learn to embrace the positive possibilities. Yes it takes work to manage a successful campaign, but so does a website and most businesses have those, right?