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Amway: Changing Perceptions About an Established Brand

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Published July 18, 1998 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0
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Full page print ad for Amway’s “Are You There Yet?”

The Challenge:

Despite its near universal awareness, Amway’s previously exponential growth had waned. Using Raleigh as one of several test markets, Amway selected us to introduce its retooled “direct” approach—enabling distributors to engage prospects openly and with credibility, as opposed to the “sneak attack” that had tarnished the company’s name.

The Solution:

We relied on mass media to package an Amway distributorship as a legitimate small business, with all the accompanying power and freedoms associated with being one’s own boss. The resulting soft-sell campaign, with the tagline “Are You There Yet?” asked people if they were completely fulfilled with their current situation, suggesting Amway as a means of “getting there.”

The Results:

  • Exponential increase in awareness
  • Softening of attitudes towards Amway
  • Expansion of campaign into additional test markets
  • Overwhelming positive response from local distributor network


Telly Awards and Silver Microphone Awards


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