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North Carolina Propane Gas Association: Raising the Profile of “That Other Energy Source”

Logo for NCPGA: North Carolina Propane Gas Association
Published June 18, 2003 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0

The Challenge:

The North Carolina Propane Gas Association was faced with the task of increasing awareness of propane as an alternate source of energy across the state, and previous “image” campaigns had done little to move the needle.

The Solution:

Rendering of Propane Joe - an original brand mascot for NCPGA. Propane Joe is a superhero with flaming blue propane hair.Propane Joe to the rescue. We created original brand mascot Joe, a flame-haired superhero who appears on the scene whenever energy inefficiency is detected. Through an integrated campaign (web/broadcast/print/collateral), Propane Joe alerted the state to the merits of “the neglected gas.”

The Results:

Awareness of propane—and Propane Joe—remarkable after only six-week run of campaign:

  • 20% of public stated awareness of “a propane campaign”
  • 29% had a more favorable opinion of propane after campaign
  • 36% could name Propane Joe unaided
  • Original brand mascot was highly popular within NCPGA and retail network

Inspired by Propane Joe’s success, the National Propane Gas Association created “The Energy Guys” campaign, co-opting Joe and effectively snuffing out his flame.


Local Addys and National Service Agency Association Awards.

Work Samples:

View the a poster sample and a calendar cover featuring original brand mascot Propane Joe:


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