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Strategic Insights Launches New Brand for TheftZapper Electric Fence

Logo for TheftZapper
Published March 1, 2012 by Bill Cokas Comments: 0

Strategic Insights has just launched new website for TheftZapper Electric Fence, an electrified fence product developed by Perimeter Security Systems. Dean Lowder, president, introduced the technology to provide effective, affordable security to businesses at risk of theft. The company is based in the Charleston, SC area, and its territory includes 23 states to date.

The new website makes ample use of the new TheftZapper brand and logo, which features a menacing, dark-hatted criminal silhouette. Strategic Insights proposed the brand as a way for the technology to become more memorable and allow Perimeter Security to further differentiate itself from its competition. Dean Lowder agreed immediately that such a powerful name and logo would significantly enhance his marketing efforts. The Strategic Insights team consisted of Bill Cokas, creative director, and Jenn Soloway, art director and web developer. The selected logo was designed by Chris Griffin, associate creative director, following an agency-wide exploration.

To further dramatize the benefits of TheftZapper Electric Fence, Bill Cokas traveled to Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC to interview Dean Lowder as well as satisfied TheftZapper customers. The results were captured on video, edited and posted to TheftZapper’s new YouTube channel, and fed into the new website.

“We are extremely pleased with the overall effort,” said Bill Cokas. “This is Strategic Insights’ sweet spot: helping a solid company with a respectable product or service establish a firm footing with its brand, preparing it for the next level of success.”


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