"The creative team at Strategic Insights never fails to deliver. I always looked forward to several ideas, and respected the team for the time and talent put into each and every campaign. "
- Darcy Dye, former Marketing VP/Builders Mutual


Marketing sure is chock full of buzzwords these days.

We’ve got synergies, optimization, metrics, leveragable assets, ROI and so on.  These are all good things--and they can certainly make someone sound pretty smart.

Rocky Top Hospitality owns and operates six distinct restaurants in the Raleigh area—in essence, six brands, each with their own message and audience. We share a common belief that while a restaurant’s food is critical, it’s the whole experience that shapes the promise to the customer and defines the brand.

But when it comes down to it, marketing is really just getting the right message out there and making sure someone notices. So we try to keep our approach pretty basic.  In fact, two things drive our work.

First, we are committed to defining your brand prior to producing any marketing communications.  That’s right.  Before we go and invest a boatload of money into placing advertising or anything else, let’s make sure we’ve done our strategic and branding homework.  Let’s figure out now who your target is and what it is they actually want.  What is the competitive environment?  Based on these and other things, only then do we construct your brand and your communications.  

The other thing is that we are not locked into one type of media.  That’s right.  No slaves to the rhythm here.  We do not care if media is traditional or non-traditional, new or old, below or above the line, or inside or outside of the box.  If it can reach your target and engage them, then we will use it.

Some of the vehicles we’ve used effectively—and are using right now—include:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Outdoor
  • Direct Mail
  • DVDs/multimedia
  • Web sites
  • Internet advertising
  • Email blasts
  • Podcasting
  • Sponsored searches
  • Blogs and blog ads
  • RSS Feeds
  • Trade shows
  • PR
  • Merchandising
  • Packaging

In sum, as technology drives change in media usage, opportunities are created to reach a more defined target who could quite possibly be favorably predisposed to your message.  But making sure your strategic and branding groundwork is done well is necessary before using all the really cool new ways to reach consumers.  And that is where we can help.


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