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Changing Marketing Strategy in a Recession

Changing Marketing Strategy in a Recession
Published April 21, 2009 by jkgibbs Comments: 1

A recent article from the Google Retail Blog points out that in a down economy, marketers must change their strategy to compensate for consumers’ lack of confidence.

“It seems that everywhere I look, I am reminded that we are battling tough economic times. Whether watching the news or my favorite TV programs, reading content on the web, at the bus stop, or while reading magazines…I am bombarded with advertisements on how I can afford products and services in an economic time that rivals the Great Depression. Most advertisers seem to recognize that in order to keep sales up in a time when many are cutting “unnecessary” purchases, they must appeal to consumers where it counts the most…click here for full article.


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One Response to “Changing Marketing Strategy in a Recession”

  1. Jennifer Hoy said:

    On the flip-side, I’ve heard that mentioning the economy can have more negative effect than positive. Don’t make it your focus if you are going for a price-sensitive campaign, because the mere mention will just make customers realize “Oh yeah, I’m not supposed to be spending money.” Regardless of how good the deal is, I see the word “recession” or “economy” and remember to add money to my savings, not whip out the credit card.