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Engage Your Customers in Social Media; It’s Important

Engage Your Customers in Social Media; It’s Important
Published February 3, 2010 by jkgibbs Comments: 3

Knowing what is going on in your market, maintaining good relationships, and making your brand look good is key in getting repeat and new business. Social Media is a great place to facilitate talks and gather information because you are able to join an ever-expanding conversation at any point of that conversation.

The great thing is that if you embellish both the good and the bad, and handle the bad with proactive and open efforts, it will make your brand look even better. Clients and potential customers will flock to a business that can show the ability to respond quickly to problems and questions. Making your efforts visible in a public or social network is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Keep in mind that no matter if you are the one that creates the place for discussion or not, the discussion will and is taking place. Whether or not you are a part of that conversation, negative or positive, is what makes the difference and can show that your brand is able to respond to problems and questions. If you are facilitating the environment in which people are commenting, you have the ability to not only establish rapport and control your image, you also gain  insight into your own brand or product(s). You may even learn that you need to pitch your product in a different way, change your value proposition, or even make the product/service better.

If you start it, you have to maintain it. Allocate a resource to your social media communications. It looks worse for your brand if the conversation is happening right in front of you and you still are not acting. This same principle applies to any aspect of your business. If people are calling sales and you don’t respond, you lose a sale. If they call customer service to get a question answered and no one responds, they go to your competitors for help.


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3 Responses to “Engage Your Customers in Social Media; It’s Important”

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  2. Josh Gibbs said:

    I bet a big part of their dismay is also related to their lack of audience insight. They probably think that pushing out content about “their business” is the only option or simply cannot think outside that realm.

    A good example is Duke of York’s Picturehouse. They are a theater, but push out content unrelated to their core business but that content keeps their audience interested and coming back.

  3. Bill Cokas said:

    You raise some excellent points. By now I think we can accept that social media is here–if not to stay, then at least for the short term. And it warrants attention and experimentation. Does a funeral home need a Facebook page? Maybe not, so you approach these things on a case by case basis. I have a client who is ripe for a comprehensive social media program–everything about his business is visual and “conversation-oriented.” However, he has dismissed social media for two reasons: an acquaintance of his started a Facebook page (in an industry I find ill-suited to social media) and deemed it a “waste of time,” and one employee put up a Facebook page and has attracted only a minimal following in a few months. I hope we can get him to reconsider before a competitor comes in and claims his social media turf.