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Google Buzz Released

Google Buzz Released
Published February 9, 2010 by jkgibbs Comments: 2

Google Buzz is yet another social networking tool that is exclusive for Gmail users. It allows users to share status updates, photos, pictures, and other media in much the same way that Twitter does, but instead of linking away from the post, everything is displayed inline. PC World has a great article that describes some additional features of Google Buzz.

“Google introduced a social networking tool called Google Buzz Tuesday that allows sharing of status updates, images, and videos via a new Gmail tab called Google Buzz. The Google Buzz features will also be available on Android based phones as well as the iPhone (via a Web-based application) allowing for real-time updates to your Google Buzz feed that can show up on a new version of Google’s mobile maps.”

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2 Responses to “Google Buzz Released”

  1. Josh Gibbs said:

    It does seem to be a bit more of the same thing, but you never know with Google what their grand plan is. Before Google Voice came about, they had started purchasing and forming partnerships VoIP companies, then they bought Grand Central (to form Google Voice) and THEN they released Android. This took place over about 4 years. You never know what’s up their sleeves.

    What’s more, I think, is that it will be driving innovation for future advancements both in Google and other leaders. This may fall to the wayside, but something else may come out of it that lasts.

  2. Bill Cokas said:

    Worth checking out, when it comes from a category leader and known innovator. But is it too late? Probably not, the way the landscape is shifting daily. Not sure about the name, though.