"We have worked with Strategic Insights for many years on several projects and it has always been a fantastic experience. The professionalism, feedback, and willingness to listen to our specific needs made my role as Marketing Director an easy one on this particular project."
- Kelly Lewis, Marketing Director/Carolina Back


How do you sell one product by using another? When the second product is a great idea. Here are the people responsible for ours.

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Jenn Soloway

Art DirectorContact

b. Springfield, Mass., grew up in Monson, Mass. noted for having more cows than people and exactly zero stoplights. Received vizcom BFA from Endicott College, also in Mass., but with fewer cows and more stoplights. Fearing stimulation overload, left Mass. for Raleigh and joined the working world as a web designer.

Fondly recalls Oscar Mayer Weiner spots from youth, mainly for daring to use the word "wiener" on television. Nothing is grabbing her attention these days--in fact, the early Travelocity spots might be her last refuge in TV's vast commerical wasteland. She is tireless in her hatred for all things gecko, and, as a non-parent, has had it up to "here" with Microsoft's "kid" campaign.

It's not all bad, however. She enjoys the tone of Hulu's campaign and appreciates its steadfast commitment to not be taken seriously. And the latest "butt dial" commercial (featuring the guy from the McDonald's snack wrap spot) from T-Mobile is worth repeated viewings.

An avid Tweeter, you might find Jenn having her 140-character say on such subjects as:

  • The Beatles (there is some dispute as to who the true office expert is)
  • Friends ("The One That Jenn Quotes All the Time.")
  • Wine tasting, particularly the regions of France and Austrailian varietals
  • Muscle stretching. Go ahead--give her a muscle, she'll give you a stretch for it.
  • Six Degrees of The Pizza Delivery Guy. This arcane talent involves watching a movie and listing off other movies a nameless/background character has been in. (see T-Mobile/McDonald's example above)