"Having Strategic Insights in our marketing corner truly helps our practices shine. We are blessed to have found a marketing company so creative and easy to work with."
- Dr. Jared Conley, CareFirst Animal Hospital


How do you sell one product by using another? When the second product is a great idea. Here are the people responsible for ours.

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Chris Griffin

Associate Creative DirectorContact

"Long gone are the days of the set-it-and-forget-it mentality for your online presence.  Your web identity is a living, breathing entity and without regular maintenance, it can wither, atrophy and eventually die."

b. Rochester, NY; driven to NC, where blizzards are only available at Dairy Queen. Resident web site, design and illustration ace. Fueled alternately by fast food and Dr Pepper in alarming quantities.

Currently, the Old Navy "supermodelquin" campaign elicits mixed feelings from Chris. On the one hand, he appreciates the concept, because it's identical to a TV spot he produced for a local clothing store in the late 90s. On the other hand, he finds the "talent" in these spots creepy and disturbing. Was the Poltergeist clown not available?

Should you wander into Chris' office, be prepared to be outgunned in his areas of expertise:

  • Futurama (underappreciated at its on-air peak, now being released direct-to-DVD)
  • Lego video games (the Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman franchises have all been given new life by making their heroes 3" tall and plastic)
  • 80s metal bands (even sported a tribute hair style back in day--there is a picture)
  • Lawnicide (through his efforts to help them "thrive," has reduced many a lawn to brown straw over the years)
  • Jack-of-All-Trade-ness (his career has been based on knowing just enough about just about anything to get the job done, and done well.)