Search Engine Friendly: We Wrote the Book On It.

With or without paid SEO, your website can attract more traffic and drive more sales.

Are you happy with your website? Maybe you shouldn’t be.

Just because a website is pretty, showcases all the copy you went to such great lengths to write, and has absolutely no broken links does not mean it’s serving your business well.

Imagine building a 20-foot brick wall around Michelangelo’s David. Your website might indeed be a thing of beauty, but it might be hidden from Google (and all the other search engines) because of the way it was written. Not the copy, which presumably you wrote and is fabulous, but the markup, which is another way to refer to website code.

Search Engine Friendly is your first step toward getting found by both search engines and visitors.

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Make your website load quickly, appeal to visitors, and easily discoverable to search engines. Read our eBook—Fast, Friendly, Findable—to learn more.

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A website is a big investment and Strategic Insights Brand Marketing wants yours to do its job. And after you read this book, you’ll be able to examine your site more critically and assess its ability to attract the right search results.

A Search Engine Friendly website will:

  • Make your website more attractive to Google
  • Increase your website’s position in a search’s results
  • Make your site more engaging to visitors
  • Enhance your site’s power to convert sales

This eBook will teach you how to ensure your website is Search Engine Friendly, why it’s important, and how it differs from and works with Search Engine Optimization. After reading it, you’ll know for sure if you need to relaunch your site to improve its visibility and performance, or if you’re doing it strictly for cosmetic reasons.

You say you have no time to read anymore. You say you’ve had the same three clearance-sale books sitting on your nightstand since Borders went under. We empathize. That’s why we kept ours to 30 pages (if you remove the appendix, and really, what good is an appendix) to keep you engaged, informed and ready to turn your website into the powerful lead-generating marketing tool it was meant to be.

Is your website Search Engine Friendly?

Download and read our eBook Fast, Friendly, Findable. You'll learn what matters to visitors and search engines and how to tell if your current website is Search Engine Friendly.

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