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Should I update to OS X 10.6? Definitely maybe.

Should I update to OS X 10.6? Definitely maybe.
Published September 10, 2009 by dfordsi Comments: 0

OS X 10.6

After installing Snow Leopard last week, I started having the infamous dreamweaver CS4 crashes among others that many in the blogosphere and various industry related forums are ranting about. I even followed Leander Kahney’s advice from his article over at Cult of Mac — How-To: Upgrade To Snow Leopard — The Right Way. It’s a great piece and I followed it to a T except one very important part that lead to me nearly going insane over the holiday weekend. Leander’s article explicitly states not to import any old user account/configuration files from the old system… I unfortunately chose to ignore that. I figured I wouldn’t migrate apps but I also didn’t feel like bringing over work files and folders plus passwords, preferences, etc. all by hand right? Little did I know that migrating these items from my old user account/previous system would later cause me to burn endless hours in troubleshooting at Adobe and Apple. My clean install wasn’t so clean after all… it was tainted by my migrating account folders that contained Libraries full of old App Settings and Preferences that in hindsight had definitely been the culprits.

After exhausting all troubleshooting resources I could find and working through various “tricks” and/or cache resets, preference/settings rebuilds, I thought I would go back and “start from scratch again” but this time not import anything as those who were saying they were having no problems all seemed to have that as a common thread. As daunting as that sounded I figured it had been a while since I watched the Alien Quadrilogy, so I started the slog on Labor Day monday as it was raining in NC anyway. To get around having to re-setup absolutely everything after the Snow Leopard reinstall, I iSynced my email, bookmarks, address book, calendar and keychains beforehand so atleast those things would be there and I could press on with app installs and back ups as I rebuilt my house of cards waiting at every turn for Dreamweaver to start crashing again. Funnily enough somewhere during the end of Aliens (Alien 2), I had reinstalled Snow Leopard from scratch as well as CS4 and was putting Dreamweaver through the rigors and I couldn’t get it to crash at all…. whereas it was crashing by simply breathing on it before. I did incremental time machine backups from there on until I had everything installed that I needed and then brought over files / folders by hand which helped trim some hard drive fat as well. I will say the only way any of this starting over madness was even possible was because I carbon copy cloned my old leopard system to a firewire 800 drive as per Leander’s tips… really saved me. Thanks again mate.

OK Granted, this shouldn’t have to be. Apple, Adobe and other software developers should run through all the user install scenarios and make sure they work including migrating old user accounts. However, that said, now that I have my pristine snappy new setup that has a much smaller footprint, I feel it was totally worth it and actually quite cathartic to rid myself of loads of files and apps that I hadn’t used in ages. So hopefully for those of you who really want to use Snow Leopard with CS4 this solution will help you and save your sanity. For those who want the ease of use of migrating everything over auto-magically and having it all work and not worrying about it? I would wait until for the next round of updates. Hope that helps.

I would love to hear any experiences anyone else out there has had with Snow Leopard good or bad. Thanks and cheers!


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