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Snow Leopard – update or wait?

Snow Leopard – update or wait?
Published September 8, 2009 by Chris Griffin Comments: 1

Snow LeopardLike most of my office mates here at Strategic Insights, I not only work on a Mac, but I am a huge Mac-o-phile (not to be confused with an Apple Fanboy).  For the past 6 months, I’ve been looking forward with baited breath to the release of the new Snow Leopard operating system.  Not because it had anything special to offer in terms of new features – in fact, this release wasn’t touted as having many new features at all, but more of an optimization of user experience.  Still, it was new and it was Apple, so I wanted it.  (OK, maybe there’s a little Apple Fanboy in me after all.) But as the hours ticked by and the clock wound down, I found myself thinking of holding back and letting others take the fall. Rumors had started popping up about software incompatibility and required upgrades.  Plus, I don’t have a spare machine to install it on and give it a test run before throwing caution to the wind and updating my work machine. Caution prevailed and I back burnered the decision.

So now a good solid week and change has gone by and I’m once again considering the upgrade.  An office mate took the plunge on day 1 and has had a mixed experience, which might result in a complete, start-from-scratch reinstall.  Plus, less than a week after its official release, an update to the operating system has been seeded to developers to address a number of bug fixes.  This action, while responsive on the part of apple developers, does not inspire confidence.  In fact, one of the other grumblings that has been circulating around the internet water cooler for some time is that Apple was rushing the not-ready-for-prime-time Snow Leopard out the door to beat Microsoft to the punch in releasing their own Operating System update – Windows 7.

So to those of you early adopters who upgraded with a devil may care attitude, what would you recommend?  Dive in headfirst now?  Wait for the upcoming 10.6.1 update?  Or adopt an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” state of mind and stay the course with good ol’ reliable 10.5.8?  Share your experience.


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One Response to “Snow Leopard – update or wait?”

  1. David Ford said:

    3 days ago I would have said “WAIT”! But my upcoming blog post here at wevegotideas.com, will explain my trials and tribulations from the past week with OSX 10.6. As well as how I solved my Dreamweaver CS4 – Snow Leopard crashing issue. So now, instead of “WAIT!”, I will say… “Yes, Maybe… it depends?!”

    Tune back in soon for my follow up to Chris’ post.