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Why Should You Blog?

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Published November 18, 2013 by Jenn Soloway Comments: 0

At Strategic Insights, we’ve been talking a lot lately about our website. Part of those discussions has been reaffirming our commitment to blog and why we should be blogging in the first place.

I’ll admit, one of the best reminders of why blogging regularly is important came in the form of a wonderful ebook we’ve passed around: A Website That Works by Mark O’Brien. The reminder I got from reading this is that just the act of putting keys to screen is worthwhile. Regardless of how busy we are, regardless of how many other sites need maintenance that week, taking the time to reflect on something you’ve learned or experienced recently is just one more step in the process to actual knowledge.

They say the true test of knowledge comes when you try to teach it to someone else.

That’s what blogging is. It’s finding a way to articulate something that you may be struggling with, have recently achieved, or experienced. Somewhere, someone else is where you were before the experience that led you to blog. And they may find insight in your experience – be it good or bad.

So, in addition to recommending blogging on a website – be it personal or corporate – as a good way to integrate fresh information into your content strategy, I recommend blogging for growth and empowerment. Who knows? In addition to providing insight to your audience and personality to your brand, you just might find you learn something new along the way.


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