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Splash Page Design for Growler Grlz: Craft on Draft–To Go

screenshot of splash page design for Growler Grlz
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You’ve heard of beer, right? Well, you may not have heard of growlers, but before beer was bottled or canned, it was typically transported in reusable jugs called just that. Our mission for Growler Grlz was to create a splash page design highlighting these beauties and the liquid gold they hold.

In an effort to introduce the Triangle area to amazing beers that are not being bottled or canned, Growler Grlz allows you to bring in your growler (or purchase one there) and fill it from one of 40+ taps that rotate regularly. This splash page design (and don’t think we didn’t catch the liquid reference) gives interested parties (and people, too) just enough info to get them excited.

View the Splash Page Design:

Click the image below to view the full splash page design in an overlay window. Or, go look at the live version. We’ll just wait here.