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Cisco: Talent Connection Online Video Campaign

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When Cisco realized it was losing valuable, talented people to other companies, they created an internal job search program to make employees aware of opportunities within the company first. We created an online video campaign of 5-webisodes to introduce the concept of Talent Connection, encouraging employees to “opt in” (register) even if they were completely happy with their job. Our lead character, Tiberius Constantinople (or “T.C.”), arrives from the future to show a group of skeptical Cisco employees what might await them should they choose to “opt out.”

In addition to scripting, scheduling, directing, shooting and editing the series, we also branded the program as a whole and designed the character of T.C. as its own original brand mascot. The bobbleheads still have a place of honor on our desks.

Fun fact: all the actors were found from right within Cisco’s RTP office (you might say we type-casted).

Webisode 1, “In a Good Place”:

Webisode 2, “Lights Out”:

Webisode 3, “Invisible to Management”:

Webisode 4, “Tick, Tick, Tick”:

Webisode 5, “Time to Opt In”: